My conversion rate has skyrocketed this week!

For 10 years we have been using the "trial and error" method on developing our website.  Shooting into the dark with some educated guess.  This method of growth is often referred to as the hard way.  We didn't go to college for this, no formal training or on the job training.  We have been researching and implementing for years. This method works for us, it's what we have. We are the age of YouTube learning and lots of trial and error.  That leads me to such an obvious marketing solution, videos. I have long since done the research on why I need videos.  My research is already outdated and I still have not put my money where my mouth is.  Just make the videos already!  Why does this give me so much anxiety? 

For the last couple weeks I have gotten pretty serious about making videos.  Maybe it's a January new-me thing and it will pass. But I have avoided making videos for as long as possible.  Always thinking that I will loose that next 10lbs and then I'll make videos. At some point, 10lbs or not, I cannot let vanity make decisions for me.  The world has spoken, this is the new way of selling 10 years ago and I must record. No one cares what I look like, they are here to see my products.  I started with videos with a friend. I'm so thankful for fellow entrepreneurs. People you can collaborate with are priceless. We only got a few in before she moved. She helped me break the ice and get the bugs out.  Forever grateful to my friends. 

In two weeks I have made series of super short videos of me putting in each hair flower.  There must be at least a dozen new videos of me holding up a flower and clipping it into my hair on the site so far. They are pretty much the most beginner videos ever..... I could not be more proud. It was a HUGE feat for me to make these and get them posted. I moved myself along, I took a big leap this week with my website.

But wait, it gets even better.  Before I have even finished adding all the new video sales started pouring in!  I had been adding videos and new photos for two weeks now, since the New Year began. And my traffic to my website has stayed the same number of guests as last year. However my conversion rate, the number of people that have check out, has increased by 103% this week!  By the third week of January I can already see monetary results.  Let's be clear, there is nothing better than instant results.  This feels like a fantastic personal and professional win. 

As we like to say around we grow again! My goal is to have some sort of video on each product. I am digging the result so far. The tragedy that is COVID has really taken it's toll on celebrating anything in general. This has resulted in less events to wear Hair Flowers. I'm ready to bring them back with technology. My next vision is a Zoom photoshoot.  If that is the way that people are gathering, why not make a statement? There is positive attention from wearing a flower in your hair.  





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