Market yourself without saying a word.

Your personal brand is who you are. Everyone is trying to sell something, whether you know it or not. Obvious salesmen aside, even the quiet girl who never looks at anyone is also marketing, her message is "keep away".  We all speak volumes without saying a word.

I market myself without even knowing it. I smile at those who are around. I like to think I'm selling hope and joy.  I like to leave people feeling better than we started. I like to know that I've made a positive impact on people, even if it's just a passerby.  The flower in my hair is a great attention grabber. 

The iconic symbol of beauty, a hair flower. I have a lot of customers that purchase flowers from me that use them to market themselves. Nothing says "look at me" quite like a hair flower. It is a sure fire way to make sure you are getting noticed and break the ice. 

Case study: I have a friend in package design.  This girl lives in a man's world. She is always the one that goes to trade shows and other events to go market for the company she works for. Building customer relations is such a huge part of her business. She makes sure she is never without a flower. She calls them her "Man Magnets".  They are a great way for her to be easily recognizable, she is the girl with the flower in her hair and everyone knows it.  She might be a little timid, but the flower opens up the line of communication early because it says "Hello Friend" without her having to open her mouth. 

Case study 2: I know of another real estate woman who uses her hair flowers to set herself apart from all the other attractive real estate agents.  She is no longer just a pretty face. Now she is a pretty face with a beautiful flower and that makes her unforgettable. 

Case study 3: My own mom :)  She is such a supporter of my business, she started wearing HairFlowers 10 years ago when we started. Now she hardly goes by without a flower in her hair. She works for a University and while she is on campus she has become the face of the faculty. Her flower flower is a great way for people to find her when they need her. "Look for the lady with the flower in her hair".  It has become her signature look, setting her apart from everyone else. 

I have sold flowers to teams that want to unify themselves with matching flowers. This is a bold power move and really sets your group apart.

No matter what line of work you are in I believe a regular hair flower is way to engage people before even opening your mouth. It's always a positive talking point and a visual way to get noticed.


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