Just another day at Hairflowers.net

I dyed my hair last night. I love it, so does my husband. It's rose gold and I think it's beautiful.  I will get a run in yet this morning and a wash and we will see what the color looks like today in fresh light.  I plan on doing a cool braid and a photoshoot with this color. I have so many rose, cream and pale colored flowers that I wanted to do with this color hair.  It's all part of the job.

I have maybe 50 flowers that are all trimmed and prepped. Those flowers are to be made into clips and finished today.  I hope to get them into packaging by tonight. I like to take my time and make each flower flawless by the time they ship. Every flower has passed my approval before it leaves.  I always want them all to be perfect.  If I really want to overachieve today I would add those pieces to my shipments to the Amazon warehouses. It's coming up on spring time and hair flowers are starting to pick up steam already in this new year. Valentine's roses are in full swing right now. Currently they are on sale on our website only. 

I have plenty of computer work today too. I have an order with a vendor going that I need to cross reference with my to do list one more time before I place it.  I have a heap of photos that need to be edited and added to listings. I have a few new listings to make for new flowers. I love to make and photograph new flower accessories but when it comes to writing the listing, I find I could grow in that area.

I have no plans to leave the house today. I have broth cooking now for chicken noodle soup. I hope to have that done by the time by the time the kids are home from school. I have laundry in both machines going, a sink full clean dishes to put away and animals to attend to. A pile of burnables to take out later tonight and hopefully get a small fire going outside with the hubs. I'll wrap all this up it might be close to 10 p.m. before I crash and start it all again by 4 am tomorrow. 


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